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With over 18 years of experience in professional coaching and coach education, our sessions are designed to be easily adapted for all ages and abilities.

The creators of Evolving The Game have experience at every level of football from grassroots to top level Pro academies, along with coaching players from all over the world! We know what works.

Our main aim is to make football fun and inclusive for everyone….and with a little imagination all the sessions available on our site can help do this!

What you can access once you have subscribed –

  • Hundreds of animated sessions from 9 simple categories
  • Hundreds of downloadable Session plans that can be made bespoke to Your teams/players needs.
  • Access to a huge amount of coaching resources
  • Access to blogs from Pro Coaches around the world
  • Access to Coach education resources
  • Discounts on Evolvingthegame products & partner products
  • Online support

The key technical points that need to be covered within the session


Physical aspects of the game – Movement, Agility, Balance, Co-Ordination and Speed etc


Developing the players understanding, decision making, self control, confidence and concentration


Helping to develop the player socially = their interaction with fellow humans on and off the pitch.



  • Club Access
    £149/ Yearly
    Provide full access to the entire site for up to 15 of your club coaches with our Club Access plan
  • Yearly plan
    £36/ Yearly
    Save on the monthly subscription fees and have access to the full site all year
  • Monthly
    £3.50/ Monthly
    Monthly subscription  - access all the sites features for a small monthly fee
  • Free
    Access our social media pages, youtube channel and website shop.




Our Large Club Access Licence is priced specifically to meet the needs of larger clubs, providing site wide access to every coach within your club, whilst ensuring we deliver scalability and value for money.  Please complete the form below and we will contact you with details of your unique package.

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Customer Testimonial

Mike Cook – Club Secretary – Langho FC“Like many grassroots clubs, our coaches have very busy lives and therefore time is precious. With the additional resource of, our coaches can easily plan high quality, exciting sessions for our players building both player and coach confidence and empowering their own creativity. The animations are clear, easy to understand and come with downloadable session plans so our coaches can just log in, pick the session they want and print off the session plan or use a tablet.”

Chris Thompson – FA Lvl 2 Qualified Coach – Langho FC – “ has supported me both on and off the pitch. I can always contact them for ideas or advice.  The sessions are great and have helped me gain further confidence and more importantly have helped me to deliver fun and engaging content to my players week after week, thank you.”


Universal language of football

We have helped coaches from all over the world from the UK, China, India, USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Spain, Australia, South Africa and many more.