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We have designed inclusive sessions to meet the needs of all coaches & players from –

Foundation phase = 5-11 years old 

Youth Development phase = 12-16 years old

Adult phase = 16years +

The sessions can be used at all spectrums of the game – Beginner, intermediate, Academy level, and professional. 

At Evolving the Game we have been Supporting & educating coaches at all levels of the game for over 18 years. Our Resources are developed by UEFA A Licence coaches, who have played & coached at a number of pro-clubs, along with grassroots. Our aim is to help engage and evolve both coaches and players to have a long lasting love for the beautiful game.

Hundreds of animated sessions for all ages and abilities

Choose from a wide range of topics from basic technical sessions to 11v11 games.

Advice from experts at all levels of the game

We are here to support and help coaches throughout the world – connect with us via our social media channels or simply email us!

Session plans that can be made bespoke to YOUR team

We won’t tell you how to run your sessions – you know your team, your players and your philosophy. The session plans allow coaches to adapt to meet their team’s needs.

Coach Education

Evolving the game have been involved in Coach Education internationally for over 18 years – We will share knowledge, information and resources to support your coaching development on a wide range of different topics.


There is many resources from Session planning, match analysis, player profiling, planning for games and many more…..


We know how tough coaching can be. If you need ideas, want to help planning or evaluating sessions, want to know about communication skills etc. We are here to support you and your players – feel free to contact us.

It’s that easy!

Click on the video you want to see, and download the session plan.
USE, SHARE, and ADAPT the content to meet your player’s needs!

We don’t believe in telling coaches how to coach, we coach humans and they are all different. Great coaches use a mixture of coaching styles and can adapt their sessions to their players needs.

Supporters of Evolving The Game

  • "Evolving the Game has helped my personal evolution - from coach education on and off the pitch to helping me gain coaching roles throughout the world"

    Sean Cookson
    Sean Cookson Juventus Academy Coach and Game anaylist specialist
  • "Evolving The Game is doing just that. Not only allowing coaches access to high quality session animations but also online support and coach education resources"

    Jonny Henderson
    Jonny Henderson UEFA A licence - Ex-Academy Manager Bristol Rovers F.C. & FA Tutor
  • "Evolving The Game is embracing a holistic approach to help develop coaches and players with its resources"

    Lee Carsley
    Lee Carsley England U21's Specialist Coach
  • “Like many grassroots clubs our coaches have busy lives and therefore time is precious. With the additional resource of Evolvingthegame.com, our coaches can easily plan high quality, exciting sessions for our players building both player and coach confidence and enhancing their own creativity. The animations are clear, easy to understand and come with downloadable session plans so our coaches can just login, pick the session they want and print off the session plan or use a tablet.”

    Mike Cook Langho Football Club

Inclusive sessions so everyone can fall in love with football – from beginner to expert

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